Welcome to London Shop Finder!

This website contains an extensive database of the retail stores in the major London shopping areas. It covers hundreds of retail companies and thousands of shops. The companies are listed in the alphabetical index here. The index leads you to company pages containing maps with shop locations and links to their online stores.

London Shops for iPhone

The database is also available as an iPhone app with even greater set of features. Each shop is associated with one or more categories (there are dozens of them). The stores are shown in a list or on a map of London and can be filtered by both product categories and company names.
The free version is available with a limited database.

Screenshots and Descriptions

  • Map
    Map View supports navigation and zooming with user location and compass-like orientation. Purple pins mark department stores and shopping centres, red pins point to other shops. Tapping on a store shows its Info page. Tapping on a green pin shows the list of stores at that location. The List button leads to the list of all the stores visible on the current map screen.
  • Store Info
    Store Info
    Store Info pages contain addresses, telephone numbers, website links, locations on the map, opening times, categories of available products.
  • Store Info
    Store Info
    With a single tap the store details can be saved in the Address Book, phone numbers dialled, web pages viewed in Safari. Tapping the user location on the map allows launching Google Street View in Safari, with the screen directed at the specific shop.
  • Category Groups
    Category Groups
    Categories View offers a list of product category groups. Tapping on a group provides the list of categories in that group. Swiping left or right on a group deselects or selects all categories in that group. The following groups are available:
    • Accessories
    • Clothes
    • Food and Wine
    • Health and Beauty
    • Home
    • Lifestyle
    • Shoes
    • Sports and Outdoor
    • Technology and Electricals
  • Categories
    Tapping on a category group provides the list of categories in that group. In the Edit mode, each category can be enabled or disabled, making the matching stores appearing on or disappearing from the map or list. In the View mode, tapping on a category shows the list of all the shops that sell this category of products.
  • Customers
    By tapping on the "people" button in the Categories View, almost every category in Accessories, Clothes and Shoes can be further refined by selecting any of the following targeted customers:
    • Adults: Men and/or Women;
    • Children: Boys and/or Girls.
  • Shops by Category
    Shops by Category
    Tapping on a category shows all the shops that sell this category of products, sorted first by the company name, then by address/location. Tapping on a shop leads to the Store Info view.
  • Companies View
    Companies View
    Companies View lists hundreds of companies whose stores are available in the database. Fast navigation is supported using an alphabetical index. In the View mode, tapping on a company presents the list of all its shops. In the Edit mode, individual companies can be enabled or disabled. Map and Stores views show only the stores belonging to enabled companies.
  • Shops by Company
    Shops by Company
    List of a company's all shops is sorted by address. Outlets inside department stores or shopping centres are marked as such.
  • Store View
    Store View
    Store View shows the list of shops only from enabled companies that sell products of only enabled categories. It is grouped and sorted by company names and further sorted by shop addresses. Tapping on a store opens the Store Info view.